Eglon Real Estate Information

Eglon is a small community and not as old as some of the other places on Puget Sound. Prior to getting a post office in 1906, it was called Silver Creek. It was named after one of the early homesteaders. Permanent settlers started coming here in 1904. The earlier people had moved away so we don’t know anything about them. Many settlers from around the Sound had met in Edmund’s while rowing there for groceries, feed and other supplies. Some received their mail there and would pick it up at the same time. Some of the mail was forwarded to Point No Point Post Office which was established in 1890.

As people were moving in here, a store was established and they applied for a post office. As there was already a post office with the Silver Creek name being used in the state, he post office rejected and three alternate names were given whom which to choose. The name chosen was Eglon as it was the shortest. The name Eglon originated from the Old Testament of the Bible.

The early roads were all skid roads or trails. There was a trail along the waterfront on top of the bank going south from Eglon. This trail became the main wagon road and was used for over 25 years. The roads going back up in the woods were all skid roads. These skid roads followed the easiest contour of the land to get logs to the beach. The old government road also came out at the Eglon beach.

In addition to fir, there was a great deal of cedar around so there was a lot of shingle bolts taken out by the earlier settlers. They were taken to the beach, and made into cribs and floated to the shingle mills. The first one-way wagon road to Kingston was petitioned for in 1912. It went straight south and connected to another road already in to Kingston. This road was over very rough terrain and some very steep hills. The old wagon road to Hansville was put in about the same time, connecting onto the west end of the Eglon Road. Seattle was the main hub of the Puget Sound country. Boats were now making regular trips up the Sound from Seattle and keeping a schedule as near as possible, going into Seattle in the morning and coming back in the evening. The Eglon people would row out to get on them. In rough weather, or if no one met the boat, the passengers would stay on the boat and get off on the return trip to Seattle the next morning. A dock was very much needed. The big problem was there was no property available that could be built on. The Eglon Dock Company was formed and stock sold on April 2, 1912. They sold stock to get money to work with and a lot of the work was donated. Dr. Peavey deeded his beach and a 15’ road to the county to reach the beach.

Eglon had been enjoying the convenience of a dock and daily boat service but after a few years, a problem was arising. The dock was in need of more repairs and it had become quite a hardship to keep it up without an income and the responsibility seemed to fall on a few. Rather than spend any more money on it, they decided to tear it down.

The only thing left to mark Old Eglon today is the old schoolhouse, now the community center. The other community facility is the boat ramp, which is owned and operated by the Port of Eglon.