Kingston Real Estate Information

The town of Kingston was platted April 24, 1890 by C.C. Calkins, Nellie Calkins, and S.B. Brierly, as a 175 ace village extending in two wings on either side of Central Ave. (the present State Route 104). The same spirit of optimism that stimulated the three founders also prompted construction of the first hotel, and a campaign to attract tourists to the sparsely settled shores of Apple Tree Cove, where logging and small farms has been the principal sources of income since the 1850’s. Besides working in several small sawmills and shingle mills, residents of the area had logged off their own homesteads. Many were employed over many decades at the Pope & Talbot mill in Port Gamble.

Until World War II, Kingston’s fields and orchards supplied strawberries, lettuce and other produce for Seattle markets. Although there was a wharf extending to deep water as early as 1890, it was the "mosquito fleet" that provided freight and passenger transport for the area. Passenger ferries began running from Seattle in the 1920’s and the Kingston-Edmonds car ferry began as a private venture in 1923. Thereafter, much of Kingston’s life has been centered on that ferry link, which makes Kingston a gateway for thousands of annual visitors to the Olympic Peninsula. Population remained small, however, until World War II, although Seattle residents occupied scores of summer homes and vacation cabins during the summer months. Completion of Interstate 5 in the eastern counties of Puget Sound in the 1960’s created a new class of commuting Kingstonities. Establishment of the Trident Submarine Base at Bangor swelled growth further in the 1970’s. The 1980’s have been marked by mushrooming construction of new homes and businesses, and in organization of an array of new community activities.