Poulsbo Real Estate Information

History: Poulsbo was founded in the 1880s as a timber town, but within 20 years, the nearby forests were cut and the logging came to an end. The Scandinavian immigrants who kept coming to the area turned to a vocation they knew from Europe, and more and more of Poulsbo’s residents began finding work catching and processing fish. At the time the town was officially incorporated in 1908, the first language of the community was Norwegian-most civic organizations kept their records in that language and church services were conducted in Norwegian. The new city was home to the Pacific Coast Cod Fish Co., the largest of its kind on the West Coast. A fire nearly wiped out the town in 1914, but it was rebuilt. World War II brought a hosing boom to take care of overflow workers from Keyport. Poulsbo means "Paul’s home" in Norwegian.

Major Attractions: Waterfront park on Liberty Bay, Poulsbo Marine Science Center, Sluy’s Poulsbo Bakery (where Poulsbo Bread originated) and downtown shops.

Nowhere in the Pacific Northwest can visitors enjoy breathtaking scenery and a variety of attractions than in "Little Norway on the Fjord." Nestled in a valley between the majestic Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges, this authentic Norwegian community invites you to experience nature’s beauty, Scandinavian hospitality and old world charm. Combined, it makes it an enriching and captivating place to visit. Poulsbo proudly displays its Scandinavian heritage in street names such as Moe, Iverson, Lindvig and Fjord; its annual ethnic events such as Viking Fest, Scandia Midsummerfest and Yule Fest and unique rosemaled storefronts. Come explore the outdoor murals, world famous bakery, old-fashioned drug store soda fountain, arts and crafts galleries, antiques and specialty shops, restaurants with water views, and a waterfront park with a 600-foot boardwalk. . A myriad of interesting and scenic attractions within 10 to 25 minutes of this historic town makes Poulsbo the most centralized place to stay while enjoying the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula and nearby Olympic Peninsula. Throughout the year, many annual events attract visitors from around the country. These events feature arts, crafts, ethnic heritage, foods, activities and many opportunities for participating in the Norwegian culture. In the heart of town, Front Street runs along the bay and offers a variety of shops dressed in a Scandinavian motif. Several antique shops and a sampling of restaurants in addition to gift shops, book stores and clothing boutiques keep visitors busy downtown. For those who prefer the more natural sights, Liberty Bay Park is also located downtown and features a short walking trail with picnic areas and a gazebo near the city’s marina at the Port of Poulsbo. Just off Front Street and Anderson Parkway, the city’s Marine Science Center houses display and touching tanks with marine-biology education tours. Raab Park, uptown off Hostmark on Caldart Street, can be reserved through the city for large gatherings and offers a soccer field, covered area for barbecues, volleyball pit and playground equipment. Its welcoming nature has helped make Poulsbo a popular destination-and home-for many people seeking spectacular sights, unique shopping and distinct educational experiences. Poulsbo’s charm, natural beauty and central location in the Puget Sound make it a great place for a day...a week....or a lifetime!