Silverdale Real Estate Information

History: Silverdale was a chicken farming area and just a wide spot in the road from Bremerton to Poulsbo until the news came from the Navy in the mid 1970’s that the old ammunition depot at Bangor was going to become the West Coast’s Trident Submarine base. That made the Silverdale crossroads an attractive spot for Kitsap Mall, and eventually the retail center of the county.

Major Attractions: Waterfront park on Dyes Inlet, Island Lake County Park, Kitsap County’s retail center. Who would have thought that the Egg Capital of Puget Sound would become the retail giant of Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas? What had been just a wide spot in the road between Bremerton and Poulsbo 20 years ago has become West Sound’s largest shopping center, and home to more than 11,000 people. Silverdale is hard to define because it is not an incorporated city. But most would agree it consists of the home on the ridges bounding the Clear Creek Valley north of Bucklin Hill Road. What propelled the change form rural community to population and retail center was the Navy’s decision to make Bangor its West Coast Trident Submarine Base. The creation of the base in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s prompted the creation of new housing and the opening of Kitsap Mall. The mall drew in other major retailers as it drew customers from as far away as Port Angeles. The growth hasn’t been easy. Silverdale Way, Ridgetop Boulevard and Bucklin Hill Road clog up regularly in the afternoon hours, and especially during prime shopping times-rainy day weekends.

The county is trying to come up with a plan to move traffic around and through Silverdale more easily, facing the fact that several thousand more people are expected to move to the area in the coming few years. Also planned for Silverdale is a regional health care services complex. Both Bremerton-based Harrison Memorial Hospital and Tacoma-based MultiCare plan major facilities in Silverdale.