Vinland and Pleasant Ridge Real Estate Information

These two areas are located just west of Poulsbo. Their boundaries are carefully plotted in one of two books that still exist on the area, and shows the names of all the major property owners in the sister communities. It shows the northern boundary to be Finn Hill Road, the southern at Sherman Hill Road, with Hood Canal on the west and what is now Viking Way on the east. The area is roughly bisected north to south by Clear Creek Road. There were two Vinlands. One up by Finn Hill and the other down by Hood Canal..

The Vinland School was located at the intersection of Finn Hill and Clear Creek Roads, and the map shows Pleasant Ridge School a little over three miles due south, at the intersection of Clear Creek and Sherman Hill Roads.

The old Vinland School, once on the site of the Vinland Lutheran Church, is gone, but Pleasant Ridge School can still be seen. In 1940, according to the students’ histories, there were about 350 people living in the communities. Apparently the students took a partial census of the population according to occupation. The results were interesting.

The employment of Pleasant Ridge and Vinland is mostly made up of small chicken ranches. They listed 20 farms, 25 chicken ranches, 10 fishermen, 10 longshore workers, 25 mill workers, 5 Navy yard workers and 5 loggers.

Some of the communities which dotted the area have been forgotten. Of special interest is Devil’s Hole, an area located on Hood Canal north of Old Bangor. What was once know as Devil’s Hole is now the location of the Bangor submarine pens.

Many of the pioneers of the area are buried in a plot located beside the Vinland Lutheran Church.